Next Net: 626 Kiwi D-Star Net Thurs 8pm NZDT

System Status:All is well


We have an XLX Multiprotocol Reflector online now at operating on the REF, DCS & XRF protocols. You will need to add DCS626 or REF626 or XRF626 to your hosts file, with the address We are most active on module A.


A: New Zealand Chat

B: Spare chat module if A is too busy for you

C: Spare chat module if A or B are too busy for you.

D: DRATS data module only.

G: XLX787 Interlink

T: Testing. All prolonged or disruptive testing belongs in module T please.

All other modules not listed are available to allocate. Please ask if you are interested in a module allocation.



We welcome interlink requests - please add the following line to your interlink file and then contact us with your interlink line once you have completed your end:

xlx626 A (for stable New Zealand hosted reflectors)

xlx626 G (for stable overseas hosted reflectors)

xlx626 T (for testing reflectors)