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Linux on my laptop plus an SSD

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Linux on my laptop plus an SSD

After putting an SSD in the reflector server when we deployed the new box a month or so back, I was seriously impressed at how fast it was to boot up (around 4 seconds after the POST/BIOS screen goes away).

So when I got a new old laptop a few weeks back, I thought Id get an SSD for it. It was already fast, booting Windows 7 in around 25 seconds.

The other day I installed a 240GB SSD, and increased the RAM from 4GB to 8GB. Its a Core i5 Probook 4520s.

Installed Linux Mint (a Ubuntu derivative), and WOW. Boots in six seconds! Amazingly fast.

Linux has come a long way - I have a native Spotify client, Netflix works, Videostream for Chrome works great.

Will probably never go with an HDD based machine again, the SSD has made such a stunningly massive difference. Laptop is also quieter (almost silent now), battery lasts a lot longer, and there is no vibration.

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Hey Tony,

yes totally agree with you on the SDD even windows on one of my pc loads in 40sec compared to before. Awesome specs on the lappy it will rock now for sure