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Recommend Mobile Digital Unit

Hi All,

1) I'm looking at getting a mobile radio within the next 6 months and I have been looking at 5100 and 4100.

2) I do understand if you dont live in a area with repeater and / or high powered access point you will need your own AP in the vehicle to use the mobile radio. I have a Dvd4Mini Ambe with UHF. Would this be a good option to setup for mobile use with one of the rigs above or should I look at something like SharkRf?

What would the community suggested is a good radio and AP for mobile use?



The ID-4100 is a great radio.

The ID-4100 is a great radio. I thought not having dual watch and dual recieve would be a pain, as all other radios ive had have it, and i use it a lot, however, the Icoms scan really fast, and even in DR mode, you can have FM analogue repeaters and simplex channels programmed in and scanning.

Nice small remote head too. Would love a 5100 for functionality, but wouldnt want the size of the remote head.

Hi Tony,

Hi Tony,

Thanks for that. I have now brought a 5100a after having a look at Warren ZL2JML unit.

Do you have a suggestion for mobile Hotspot? I have a dvd4mini but need a pc to run it. I have been looking at DVMega or Dvap.

I have pi-star on my raspberry pi and looks like u need to run dvmega but not sure if thats the right thing to have.

Be interested to know your thoughts

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