XLX626  The Kiwi Reflector is operated by Phil Garside ZL2RO & Tony Hughes ZL2EZ

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Stuff & Things


Phil Garside ZL2RO
"Let's put a NZ based reflector up that's not in the cloud." - XLX626 started out in May 2017, thanks to Phil driving it. Phil doesn't remember how anything works. He probably frustrats Tony a bit. Phil is our "Marketing Guy".

Tony Hughes ZL2EZ
Tony makes & breaks everything. He probably frustrates Phil a bit. All good though. Net result is usually some sort of forward momentum. Tony is our "Resident Technical Guru".

John Wysocki ZL2TWS
John poured a lot of time, energy, effort, and wisdom into getting 626 supported - with D-Star technical knowledge for newbie Tony, and also getting a bunch of repeaters/hotspots connected to 626 by encouraging hotspot owners and helping configure peoples gear to connect to us. Thanks John.

Everyone Who Connects To XLX626
Whether you put a repeater up connected to 626 semi-permanently, or a high powered hotspot, or
connect with a low power board or dongle, we really appreciate your patronage of 626. It's all
for you guys, and we are glad to see it being utilised.


Tony ZL2EZ donated:

  • Transcoding hardware - 4 channel AMBE board
  • Domain name
  • Fiber Optic WAN connection
  • Gigabit network switch
  • XLX hardware server - Intel Core i5 8GB 240GB SSD server
  • Quadnet Smart Group Server VPS
  • 4x experimental XLX & XRF VPS servers for testing & backup
  • Donation to cover setup/use of external transcoding services
  • Phil ZL2RO donated:

  • Mikrotik Gigabit Router
  • Donation to cover setup/use of external transcoding services
  • Ferrite coupler
  • Hayden ZL2WD donated:

  • Donation to cover setup/use of external transcoding services
  • Ivan ZL1OTF donated:

  • Eaton 1100VA UPS
  • ealhughes@gmail.com