The Net Page

The Net Page

We have the following Nets on 626:


"The 626-Alpha D-Star Net"

Every second Tuesday evening, 7pm NZST/NZDT. 25.7.17

Net Controller: Phil Garside - ZL2RO

Topic(s) for next net:


  • Checkin via D-Star "keyup" or a voice-over with name & callsign in the 10 mins before the net, or whenever Net Control calls for checkins.
  • Listeners only are welcome. It would be really nice if you still checked in - you can check in like "ZL5XYZ - John - listening only", and you won't be prompted to join the group.
  • All overs should be returned to Net Control.
  • Please leave 3 seconds gap between overs.
  • If you have something valuable to add, please break in during the 3 sec gap and request an over from Net Control, then wait for acknowledgement.
  • Complaints/concerns about Nets should be directed in writing to and should not be raised during nets or on-air.
  • reflector rules apply.



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