Next Net: 626 Kiwi D-Star Net Thurs 8pm NZDT

System Status:All is well

The 626 website & reflector are run on privately owned systems, and operated as a community resource.

The following people have or do contribute in some significant way.

  • Phil ZL2RO - Owner - Website Admin - Net Controller - All Round Good Guy - Chatterbox On The Reflector.
  • Tony ZL2EZ - Owner - Server Admin - Website Admin - Developer - Busy Guy (often listening/lurking, so call me if you have a question, I might just be listening).
  • Hayden ZL2WD - Server Admin - Website Admin - Development -
  • Adrian VK4TUX - A supporter in setting up the YSF dashboard - previously just a naked reflector with no dashboard.
  • John ZL2TWS - A supporter in setting up a number of hotspots and repeaters to connect to
  • Everyone on the dashboard who connects and talks. Nothing better as a reward for creating this resource than to see it be actively used! Thanks!