Welcome to Module D

Module D is the default module you connect to if you use Pi-Stars DMR connection to us.

However, we don't talk there!

Once you have connected, you will need to make a Private Call to "4001" on your DMR radio (a single key up to it).

This will connect you to Module A

Once you have joined Module A (XLX TG4001), you can transmit on 626A by using TG 6 (as a group call) to transmit.

To make this happen automatically every time (as Pi-Star resets every night and will keep booting you to Module D):
SSH into your Pi-Star machine and run the following command (copy and paste):

rpi-rw&&sudo wget -O /root/XLXHosts.txt&&sudo reboot

This will put your Pi-Star into read/write mode, download a host file override, and reboot your hotspot, and then you should
be connected to Module A automatically every time you connect to XLX626 using DMR.

Contact if you get stuck (I can help remotely, and usually respond to email very quickly).