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System Status:All is well Reflector Rules

No one likes a bunch of rules, but here they are anyway. Theres nothing overtly restrictive here, and it's mainly centered around Be A Decent Human, Follow Amateur Radio Rules, Keep It Clean & Fun.



The following ettiqutte rules apply:

  • No swearing. All modules on are rated "G" 24 hours a day.
  • Be inclusive - if you don't want other people engaging with your conversation, head to a different module or other reflector/repeater/frequency.
  • Yield existing conversations to recognised activities (Nets), or to emergency communications.
  • No political or religious soapboxing (e.g. "I am a pastafarian, and I wear a colander" is okay. "You are going to die in a greasefire if you don't accept his noodly appendages into your heart" is not okay.)
  • This is a friendly place to converse casually, but on Module A and Module G you are being heard on amateur repeaters with a wide audience. Please conduct yourself accordingly.
  • "Q" codes and Phonetic spellings may be used sparingly for clarity. Please avoid heavy use of phonetics unless requested or appropriate.
  • No business is to be conducted on If you charge GST or provide invoices, it is business.
  • You may offer to buy, or offer to sell, amateur and non-amateur radio and related electronics/electrical/computer equipment.
  • A limited number of requests for audio/signal/quality checks is welcomed on any module, however, prolonged testing should be taken to module T.
  • Module A is a general chat and calling channel. Some callsigns may be connecting through a repeater or hotspot that they have little control over, and therefore there is no requirement to move long QSOs to another module. However, if both parties have the ability to move to a different module, then it is desireable to do so for long QSOs please
  • Please allow gaps of around 3 seconds fairly frequently, for other parties to join the discussion, or to make contact with another party to QSY to another module or frequency.


Amateur Radio Rules Apply

The reflector is designed & intended to be used in conjunction with amateur radio systems. The legal requirements of the amateur radio service in the country you are operating in should be met at all times.

There should be no bridging/cross-connection to non-amateur radio systems.

Only licenced amateur radio operators with a current General Amateur Operators Certificate (or equivalent for your country of residence) & valid amateur callsign are permitted to use the reflector.